Rec: Landslide by dontstraytoofar

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Title: Landslide
Author: dontstraytoofar
Canon: Spider-Man/MCU
Pairing: Michelle Jones/Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Toomes
Rating: General [G]
Word Count: 2,155
Summary: “You know, I could dance with you” It makes Liz look up, confused slightly as Michelle just smiles back. She shrugs once, standing up and holding her hand out to Liz
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Rec: Right Before Your Eyes by MianMimi

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Title: Right Before Your Eyes
Author: MianMimi
Canon: Doctor Strange/MCU
Pairing: Stephen Strange/Karl Mordo
Rating: Teen [PG]
Word Count: 4,613
Summary: During one of Wong’s visits, Stephen reflects on Mordo’s choices and makes a confession. Wong has a few things to say too.
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