Pairing Profile: Frawalski

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Fandom: Due South
Partners: Detective Stanley Raymond ‘Ray’ Kowalski and Constable Benton Fraser
Pairing Name: Frawalski {assigned}

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Top Picks

  1. American Way by Resonant
  2. Anatomically Correct by Speranza
  3. Find Me a Find by green_grrl

Quick Facts

  • CHARACTER is played by ACTOR
  • CHARACTER is played by ACTOR
  • Media Type: AAAA
  • Fandom Size: AAAA
  • Pairing Frequency: AAAA
  • Pairing Type: AAAA
  • Canon: AAAA
  • Number of Recs: # (as of DATE)
  • Thoughts: I remember watching this show with my folks long ago. As a young adult who had recently fallen down the rabbit hole that is slash fanfiction, I discovered that people, a lot of talented people, wrote slash for the Mountie show I had remembered fondly. This fandom was my introduction to fandom giants such as Speranza and Resonant. Now, while I loved Vecchio as Fraser’s best friend, for me the romance was with Kowalski. They ride off into the proverbial sunset together, that’s it, I’m done.

Mood Boards

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