Rec: Years Later by redjacket

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Title: Years Later
Author: redjacket
Canon: Band of Brothers
Pairing: Edward ‘Babe’ Heffron/Eugene ‘Doc’ Roe
Rating: Explicit [NC-17]
Word Count: 21,100+ (for both)
Summary: Years later, Babe realizes just how much Gene hates the cold. Part of it is being older, Babe’s bones can’t take it so well now either, but Gene just hates it. He’s a Louisiana boy, does best when it’s not just warm but goddamn sweltering. “How’d you do it?” Babe asks him, once, waiting for him to bundle up until even his face barely shows. “Just did,” Gene replies easily, with the same bittersweet, half-smile he wears whenever they talk about the war.

Recommendation: Redjacket splices scenes from during and after the war to create a beautiful portrait of a life together with all it’s hurts and it’s joys.

Link to the Story {Babe’s POV} on LJ  |  Link to the Story {Roe’s POV} on LJ 

Recommendation #271

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