Pairing Profile: McShep

McShep Banner
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Partners: Major John Sheppard and Doctor Rodney McKay
Pairing Name: McShep

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I was super into McShep back in the days when you had to stalk LiveJournal for the good stuff. Even though I still love it, it kind of surprises me that all these years after the show finished there are so many fans thirsty for some McShep. Don’t get me wrong the pairing is awesome (one of my favorites) and those in the fandom are great (SGA is one of the nicest fandoms I’ve ever encountered), but other popular ships have faded with time but not so McShep so I guess you could say that I’m just in awe of its endurance.

Top Five Stories (so far)

  1. Personal Hero by MrsHamill
  2. Loving Rodney by LadyRa
  3. Post-Nuptial by rageprufrock
  4. The Rodney Multiplex by nessalynna
  5. Hot Pants by lallybroch
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