Pairing Profile: Mattfoggy

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Fandom: Daredevil | Marvel Cinematic Universe
Partners: Matthew ‘Matt’ Murdock “Daredevil” and Franklin ‘Foggy’ Nelson
Pairing Name: Mattfoggy

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Top Picks

  1. Something Dumb to Do by poisonivory
  2. Gazelle, Lion, Gun by ChuckleVoodoos
  3. We Just Lost the Beat by knight_tracer & lady_ragnell
  4. The Good Little Wolf by ChuckleVoodoos
  5. Fitter. Happier. More Productive. by what_alchemy
  6. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy by Werelibrarian
  7. Under the Hide of Me by poisonivory
  8. Mr. Hyde by ChuckleVoodoos
  9. That Spin I’m In by poisonivory & Werelibrarian
  10. Lips Sealed (Eyes Open) by Tokyo_the_Glaive

The Avengers Love Foggy

These are some of my most favorite stories, full stop, never mind Mattfoggy stories. Foggy deserves all of the love and the Avengers would be lucky to have a friend like him, but that won’t mean he has any less more for Matt.

  1. In Which the Avengers and Daredevil Don’t Know How to Share Friends and Foggy Nelson Has the Patience of a Saint by cosmicocean
  2. Any Possible Similarity by lady_ragnell
  3. We Who Are About to Die Salute You by 3traditions

Quick Facts

  • Matt Murdock is played by Charlie Cox
  • Foggy Nelson is played by Elden Henson
  • Media Type: Comics > TV Series (2015-2018)
  • Fandom Size: Super
  • Pairing Frequency: Frequent
  • Pairing Type: Best Friends > Lovers
  • Canon: No
  • Number of Recs: 76 (as of May 2, 2019)
  • Thoughts: This is my ultimate “feel good” ship, I curl up with a story about Matt and Foggy when I want to feel better about life in general. While I love Matt, I can never express fully my devotion to Franklin Nelson Esq. call me Foggy.
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