Rec: Blow Me by wanderingsmith

Expendables- Rossmas BannerTitle: Blow Me
Author: wanderingsmith
Canon: The Expendables
Pairing: Barney Ross/Lee Christmas
Rating: Explicit [NC-17]
Word Count: 3,747
Summary: Barney was staring at him steadily, and he distantly wondered if he had the whole time. Stared at him the way Lee’d seen him stare at Gunner a few bad times. Like he heard ticking but couldn’t convince himself it was a bomb that’d blow up in his face.

Recommendation: So, excellent at knives and guns and killing people but really not excellent at things like, you know, feelings or, God forbid, communication. Thankfully they pull it together. And Tool’s cameo at the end, just perfect.


Recommendation #543

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