Rec: Morning Has Broken by wanderingsmith

Expendables- Rossmas BannerTitle: Morning Has Broken
Author: wanderingsmith
Canon: The Expendables
Pairing: Barney Ross/Lee Christmas
Rating: Explicit [NC-17]
Word Count: 4,090
Summary: “I ever tell you I was married?” Out the corner of his eye, Barney saw Lee’s head jerk toward him in obvious shock, “..No.” Barney never looked away from the TV. “Yeah. For six months. I’ve come to realize, listening to everyone else’s stories, that it was a good marriage. Long time ago. Back when if you liked a woman, you could only end up sleeping together and marrying, in some order or other.” ..nothing but smut here 🙂

Recommendation: Just some smokin’ porn, and no apologies.


Recommendation #544

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