Pairing Profile: Chrismitch

Chrismitch Banner
Fandom: Real Genius
Partners: Christopher ‘Chris’ Knight and Mitch Taylor
Pairing Name: Chrismitch {assigned}

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Top Picks

  1. Demonstration of Gravity by elyssblair

Quick Facts

  • Chris Knight is played by Val Kilmer
  • Mitch Taylor is played by Gabriel Jarret
  • Media Type: Movies (1985)
  • Fandom Size: Tiny
  • Pairing Frequency: Frequent
  • Pairing Type: Dormmates/Friends > Lovers
  • Canon: No
  • Number of Recs: 2 (as of March 28, 2017)
  • Thoughts: So Real Genius was one of those movies that one sees because it came on TV and there wasn’t anything better to do than watch. It was cute and rather dated (Val Kilmer looks so young and skinny), but than I was scrolling through AO3 and, low, there was slash.
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