Rec: It Wouldn’t Be Make Believe by infinituity

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Title: It Wouldn’t Be Make Believe
Author: infinituity
Canon: Pacific Rim
Pairing: Newton Geiszler/Hermann Gottlieb
Rating: Teen [PG]
Word Count: 11,668
Summary: “By the way, dude,” he says, and he reaches down both to grab his notepad as well as to avoid looking at Hermann, “my parents think we’re dating.” Instead of the expected angry yelling, he gets only silence in response, so he looks up to see Hermann opening his mouth to speak, reconsidering, closing it, and repeating. After several more repeats than strictly necessary, he sighs and slumps down in his seat. “Of course they do,” he says.

Recommendation: This is full of cliches; fake relationship, mistletoe kiss, meeting the family, the works. But it’s a cute one and I just love Newt’s gift buying strategy, it’s rather like my own.

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #604

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