Rec: Objective Data by walkandtalk

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Title: Objective Data
Author: walkandtalk
Podficcers: diurnal_lee, kronos999, & paraka
Canon: Star Trek AOS
Pairing: James ‘Jim’ Kirk/Spock
Rating: Not Rated [PG]
Word Count: 22,368
Summary: A young Vulcan decides to find a mate for his guardian, Spock. After careful calculations, Cadet Kirk is obviously the superior choice.

Recommendation: I don’t always go in for kid!fic but who could say no to a scheming Vulcan child. Senik is a delightful OC, and the backstory about how he came to live with Spock was very plausible. As in all good Spirk stories, Kirk and Spock seem to be magnetically drawn together but with a chance to see the best of each other earlier unlike in the movie.

Link to the Story on AO3  |  Link to the Podfic on AO3

Recommendation #665

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