Pairing Profile: Boostle

Boostle Banner
Fandom: DC Universe
Partners: Michael Jon Carter “Booster Gold” and Theodore ‘Ted’ Kord “Blue Beetle”
Pairing Name: Boostle

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Top Picks

  1. Hard for the Money by poisonivory
  2. ‘Twas the Groundhog Day Before Christmas by poisonivory
  3. Trapped on the Merry-go-round by Muccamukk
  4. Shadowy Reflections by silver_apples
  5. Autopilot by poisonivory

Quick Facts

  • Media Type: AAAA
  • Fandom Size: AAAA
  • Pairing Frequency: AAAA
  • Pairing Type: AAAA
  • Canon: AAAA
  • Number of Recs: # (as of DATE)
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