Rec: The Unseen City by fleur_de_liz

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Title: The Unseen City
Author: fleur_de_liz
Canon: DC Universe
Pairing: Michael Jon Carter/Ted Kord
Rating: Explicit [NC-17]
Word Count: 13,500+
Summary: There is another city inside the heart of Hub City, a city unseen. The city hides many secrets, but can Ted Kord hide his from the mysterious and handsome Booster Carter?

Recommendation: I thought this was an adorable AU, fleur_de_liz sketched a whole different world without making an anthropology tome, as well as a fantastic, ‘get to know you’ between Booster and Ted who are different but in all the important ways the same as their canon counterparts.

Link to the Story on LJ

Recommendation #697

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