Rec: Don’t Kink Shame Me! by bonniewrites

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Title: Don’t Kink Shame Me!
Author: bonniewrites
Canon: Osomatsu-san
Pairing: Osomatsu Matsuno/Choromatsu Matsuno; Karamatsu Matsuno/Todomatsu Matsuno; Ichimatsu Matsuno/Jyushimatsu Matsuno
Rating: Mature [R]
Word Count: 2,800
Summary: Choromatsu knew it was a bad idea. And every action has consequences. In which Choromatsu finds out more about his brothers than he ever wanted to know.

Recommendation: So there I was innocently scrolling down my dash, when I came upon a post decrying over the hate poured out on so called “problematic ships”. Me being the contrary kind of person who looks at books because they’re banned thought I’d look into these controversial pairings. That being said this week will be given over to a selection of my findings. This will probably not be to everybody’s taste but bare with me and we will return to my more usual selections. This particular story is full of crack and no small amount of hypocrisy. I thought it was funny.

Happily, though the link to this story is broken I have a saved PDF copy,
and if you would like me to send it to you leave a comment below.

Recommendation #1,056

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