Pairing Profile: Wuko

Wuko Banner
Fandom: The Legend of Korra
Partners: Mako and Prince Wu
Pairing Name: Wuko

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Top Picks

  1. Please Excuse My Penmanship by OurImpavidHeroine
  2. Till the Morning Breaks by wearealltalesintheend
  3. Leave This Blue Neighborhood by FreezingRayne

Quick Facts

  • Mako is voiced by David Faustino
  • Wu is played by Sunil Malhotra
  • Media Type: TV Show (2012-2014)
  • Fandom Size: Super
  • Pairing Frequency: Common
  • Pairing Type: Employer/Employee > Reluctant Friends > Lovers
  • Canon:┬áNo
  • Number of Recs: 10 (as of July 8, 2021)
  • Thoughts: I came upon this pairing by accident while looking at Korrasami. Then I read a post detailing parallels between Korrasami and Wuko in the closing episodes of the final season, so than it was pretty much required that I look into the stories.
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