Rec: The Cookie Crumbles by Crollalanza

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Title: The Cookie Crumbles
Author: Crollalanza
Canon: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Eita Semi/Satori Tendou
Rating: Teen [PG]
Word Count: 2,579
Summary: Realizing he’s lost his place to a first year, Semi Eita leaves for home and doesn’t join the team for coffee and pork buns. He wants to go home, drown in the shower and doesn’t give a fuck what the rest of the team think. But Tendou has other ideas.

Recommendation: In all these sports anime I can’t help but feel for the older students supplanted by younger more talented players in their last year, but Eita is going to be okay Satori’s got this.

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #1,154

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