Pairing Profile: Ineffable Husbands

Ineffable Husbands Banner
Fandom: Good Omens
Partners: Crowley “Anthony J Crowley” and Aziraphale “Ezra Fell”
Pairing Name: Ineffable Husbands | Aziracrow

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Top Picks

  1. The Seduction Malfunction by iamtheenemy
  2. Love Hath Made Thee a Tame Snake by thehoyden
  3. There’s a Riot in My Head, Demanding We Do This Forever by mygalfriday
  4. Ordinary People (The Anything But Ordinary Remix) by cimorene
  5. You Call My Name and It Feels Like Home by opheliahyde
  6. Getting a Wiggle On by Kedreeva
  7. Any Other Name by ignaz
  8. First Feast by reserve
  9. I’d Like for You and I to Go Romancing by dollsome
  10. It’s the Light (It’s the Obstacle That Casts It) by Handful_of_Silence

Quick Facts

  • Crowley is played by David Tennant
  • Aziraphale is played by Michael Sheen
  • Media Type: Books > TV Show (2019)
  • Fandom Size: Super
  • Pairing Frequency: Ubiquitous
  • Pairing Type: Enemies > Allies > Friends > Lovers
  • Canon: Yes
  • Number of Recs: 35 (as of April 18, 2020)
  • Thoughts: For years I have been recommending the book Good Omens to anyone who would stand still long enough. Though I loved the book in its entirety, it is the relationship between Crowley and Aziraphale that is closest to my heart. Aziraphale, as an angel, is righteous but also kind of a bastard, while Crowley, as a demon, is wicked but rather a nice guy. When they are together it is all so much better.

Mood Boards

Valentine Advent 7 - Aziraphale x Crowley Thumb  Good Omens - Crowley x Aziraphale Wiggleverse Thumb

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