Pairing Profile: Wikustopher

District 9- Wikustopher Banner
District 9- Wikustopher Prawn Banner
Fandom: District 9
Partners: Christopher Johnson and Wikus van der Merwe
Pairing Name: None {so I gave it one}

Link to the Pairing Tag

This pairing is not for everyone, nor was the movie quite frankly but I can’t help but feel intrigued by the wealth of possibilities and pitfalls to a human (especially this human) becoming sexually and even romantically involved with an alien so different from human standards of beauty. I also suspect that I have a bit of a monster kink which I plan to not think about too hard.

Top Three Stories (so far)

  1. Stranger by zuzeca
  2. When You’re Strange by LaVioleBlanche
  3. Hatchling by zuzeca

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