Rec: Animal by Phoenix xxxxx

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Title: Animal
Author: Phoenix xxxxx
Canon: District 9
Pairing: Christopher Johnson/Wikus van der Merwe
Rating: Mature [R]
Word Count: 23,831
Summary: Even if I was turned back into a human, would they accept me? Would she? I still love her, and I’m not over her, but I’m needed here now.

Recommendation: This one was interesting in that so much of the story was devoted to Wikus integrating into the complex hierarchical society of his new people after he fully transforms. New terms abound but the author has provided a glossary to help one keep track. Wikus, who was really a nobody in human society, becomes the leader of District 10 and even organizes armed resistance before they are rescued.

Link to the Story on FFN

Recommendation #1,182

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