Rec: I Want You to Want Me by sirona

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Title: I Want You to Want Me
Author: sirona
Canon: Hawaii Five-0
Pairing: Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams
Rating: Explicit [NC-17]
Word Count: 45,097
Summary: It’s all his damned knee’s fault. If it wasn’t for his body’s betrayal, no one would have found out about the fight club, or about his dad practically leaving them to fend for themselves after their mother’s death. And they certainly wouldn’t have sent the four of them kids to Hawaii, to live with their aunt and uncle. Although, Danny has to admit that the class president offers a not-so-small consolation… A.k.a. Danny gets sent to Hawai’i to finish high school and meets the gang, and kind of falls in love.

Recommendation: By now I’ve read a few H50 high school AUs and I have to say I like this one the best. The premise was realistic and I thought the Williams kids reactions, positive and negative, showed real thought into the reactions of teens and children that have suffered a loss. One of the things I really liked was the emotional resolution, I really felt that though I was gutted in the middle the end brought everything back and tied things up satisfactorily.

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #1,280

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