Rec: Destroy the Middle (It’s a Waste of Time) by knightswatch

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Title: Destroy the Middle (It’s a Waste of Time)
Author: knightswatch
Canon: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Kentarou Kyoutani/Shigeru Yahaba
Rating: Mature [R]
Word Count: 9,683
Summary: Her name is Miyamoto Aoi, and she’s the third girl that confesses to Shigeru. There aren’t a lot of reasons that he picks hers to respond to, not really. She’s on the girls volleyball team, which means they’ll be able to talk about something at least, and she wasn’t one of Oikawa’s fans that just picked him to like next. She’s shy, soft-spoken, with inky hair that she keeps in braids resting on either shoulder. Her things are kept neat and tidy, a libero. She doesn’t show up after summer vacation with a shiner on one cheek and both ears pierced. She’s scared of dogs. There aren’t a lot of reasons. Not really. The fact that he’s never met anyone more different than Kyoutani isn’t a factor. It isn’t, but it helps.

Recommendation: So I’d like to talk to you about this river you might have heard of called Denial, it is along it’s shores that most of this story takes place. It is a painful place, but once you move away into admittance and acceptance, relief at last.

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #1,354

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