Rec: The Truth of Truths by blackidyll

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Title: The Truth of Truths
Author: blackidyll
Canon: James Bond 007 | London Spy
Pairing: James Bond/Q; Danny Holt/Alistair ‘Alex’ Turner
Rating: Not Rated
Word Count: 8,747
Summary: For weeks, Q has no idea who the man with a permanent bed in MI6 Medical is. Well. More that he doesn’t quite understand the significance of Alistair Turner, why MI6 decides to keep him within headquarters instead of transporting him to another facility, one more suited to caring for a coma patient. Then M gives Q orders to find a program created by a certain MI6 cryptanalyst, a program now in the Security Service’s possession, with strictly worded instructions to scour it from existence. And Q understands. – A London Spy/James Bond crossover where Q and Danny are entirely separate people and they lead their lives as they did in the series and the movies. The key here is that Alex works for Bond and Q’s MI6 – the one portrayed in Spectre and headed by M(allory).

Recommendation: I’ve seen a few stories were Q is Danny from London Spy but the implications of that just hurt my little heart way to much so I gave them a miss. I took the plunge with this one because Q isn’t Danny or even related to him, they just look alike. It’s a fix-it for Spectre in as much as Bond doesn’t scarper off with a woman young enough to be his daughter, as well as being a fix-it for London Spy.

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #1,552

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