Rec: Illusion by dawnstruck

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Title: Illusion
Author: dawnstruck
Canon: Crossover – Star Trek AOS/Almost Human
Pairing: Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy “John Kennex”/Dorian DRN
Rating: Teen [PG]
Word Count: 35,027
Summary: In 2255, Doctor Leonard McCoy unwillingly sets out to join Starfleet. He’s got an ex-wife he can’t seem to remember, a constant unexplained feeling of anger, and the suspicion that something in his life is not quite right. In 2260, the Enterprise picks up an unregistered cruiser, piloted by someone who is not quite human, but no alien either. All because two-hundred years earlier, Detective John Kennex got himself in some serious trouble.

Recommendation: So I’ve read stories where McCoy is a descendant of John Kennex but this a new one on me him being John Kennex despite the 200-year time gap. The explanation of how that came about broke my heart a little, but it was mended with him reuniting with Dorian. Though there certainly was still some emotional constipation, because John’s still John even when he’s McCoy.

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #1,615

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