Pairing Profile: Garashir

Garashir Banner
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Partners: Doctor Julian Bashir and Elim Garak
Pairing Name: Garashir

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Top Picks

  1. Letters from the Northern Continent by thehoyden
  2. Learning the Language by Allemande
  3. Going Native by Regann
  4. Exile by thehoyden
  5. Opacity of Paradise by thehoyden
  6. All Is Fair in Love and War by Syaunei
  7. Presumption of Facts by cyranothe2nd
  8. Pouring Just a Hint by susiecarter
  9. The Apostasy of Elim Garak by AuroraNova
  10. The Presumption of Innocence by Allemande

Quick Facts

  • Julian Bashir is played by Alexander Siddig
  • Elim Garak is played by Andrew Robinson
  • Media Type: TV Show (1993-1999)
  • Fandom Size: Large
  • Pairing Frequency: Frequent
  • Pairing Type: Friends > Lovers
  • Canon: No
  • Number of Recs: 25 (as of December 4, 2021)
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