The Versatile Blogger Award

Last night, I logged in only to discover that I had been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Annlyel @ Annlyel Online! This is my first time being nominated for any type of blogging award, so it’s really exciting for me! Thank you, Annlyel, for the nomination! Her blog is great, you should check it out. I love all the “Who’s Your Favorite” posts she does :).

Image found at 18 Cinema Lane.

So apparently, there are rules to follow if one is to accept the nomination:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Include a link to their blog in your post
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers of your choosing

Well that is one and two sorted, now on to number three “seven facts about myself”:

  1. I am weak to anything cute and furry. {animals, stuffed animals, pictures or videos of animals, etc}
  2. I love to travel, but we don’t always have a lot of money so sometimes it’s just a day trip to someplace we’ve never been before.
  3. I love color, all color. Color even helps me sort and remember things better, as well as being emotionally pleasing.
  4. I have a degree in graphic design.
  5. But instead of being a graphic designer, I have been working in libraries for more than half my life now. The design skills I learned have still come in handy though.
  6. I am an introvert, but I’m not shy.
  7. I attended my first Pride festival this year, manning a booth for the library I work at and I was moved by the number of people who were just pleased to see us there.

And now for the bloggers I am pleased to nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award:

  1. Carrie @ Cat on the Bookshelf
  2. Shalini @ Shalini’s Books & Reviews
  3. Erik @ The Past Due Review
  4. The Orang-utan Librarian
  5. Nesha @ #moe404.
  6. Rose @ Wretched and Divine
  7. Lit Lemon Books
  8. Jazz @ I swoon over fictional men
  9. Mel in Anime Land
  10. Zina @ Stitch’s Media Mix
  11. Neko Neha @ BiblioNyan
  12. Inside My Library Mind
  13. Michel @ Raistlin0903
  14. Milliebot @ Milliebot Reads
  15. Katie @ Never Not Reading

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