Backlog Complete!

I’ve finally finished back-posting all of the last four and a half years’ worth of fanfiction recommendations that I had had on my Tumblr account! This feels especially timely considering the goings-on over there this month.


Due to the recent policy changes over at Tumblr and the general break down of tag searches with outgoing links, I’ve begun expanding my presence over a few new platforms in the event that fandom decamps en mass. I’ve linked this blog with a new Twitter account, @IsabelleRecs. I do not anticipate being particularly active on that platform, but I’ve also started a Dreamwidth journal, isabellerecs, on which I plan to be quite involved. đŸ™‚

As it stands, I will not be pulling off of Tumblr but will be maintaining this blog, the old Tumblr one, and the new Dreamwidth one concurrently. New recommendations will be posted daily at 7PM EST.

Happy Reading!

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