Rec: Hidden Feelings by Grocketeer

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Title: Hidden Feelings
Author: Grocketeer
Canon: Guardians of the Galaxy | MCU
Pairing: Peter Quill/Rocket Raccoon
Rating: Not Rated
Word Count: 6,439
Summary: Rocket usually has Groot to help him with the pain in his back, but now Groot’s too small. Then Peter offers his help and suppressed emotions bubble up.

Recommendation: Happy New Year, Tumblr! I hope everyone is recovered from last night ;). I’m going to start off the year with something that is not going to be everyone’s bag, but there is likely something wrong with me and I like it anyway. Every time I like a movie I usually check to see what kind of slash is being written, imagine my surprise to discover that Peter and Rocket were the most common slash pairing after the first movie. I got it on an emotional level, there is a lot going on there but even so, it took me a bit before my curiosity get the better of me. Rocket hurts my feels folks. I want good things for him, and Peter could be good. I have only one problem with this story when Peter’s asked if he likes males or other males really, he says no. That boy is pan, and I will not believe anything else.

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #1,708

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