Rec: The Thor: Ragnarok series by BeanieBaby

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Title: The Thor: Ragnarok series
Author: BeanieBaby
Canon: Thor/MCU
Pairing: Thor Odinson/Loki Laufeyson
Rating: General – Teen [G – PG]
Word Count: 10,489
Summary: Thor made his way around the bed, only to trip over the edge and go sprawling onto the floor. “Stupid depth perception issues,” He cursed, rubbing at his nose. The new eyepatch rolled to a stop at Heimdall’s feet and he bent down to pick it up. The Gate Keeper tossed the golden eyepatch at Loki and jerked a finger at the figure still spread-eagled on the floor, “make sure he gets to the bridge in one piece, will you, Loki?” “Of course,” Smirking, Asgard’s second prince rounded the bed gracefully and crouched down next to his flailing brother, “don’t be such a baby. You’ll get used to it.”

Recommendation: This is too charming, and Heimdall is the only functional adult among the lot of them. 😉 But after all the bad things that had happen to them it’s nice to see them so carefree.

Link to the Series on AO3

Recommendation #1,759

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