Rec: The Horseshoe Nail series by Dyce

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Title: The Horseshoe Nail series
Author: Dyce
Canon: Firefly | Serenity
Pairing: River Tam/Jayne Cobb
Rating: Teen – Mature [PG – R]
Word Count: 237,773
Summary: Jayne is left all alone with a bad leg and a crazy girl for two days. It doesn’t go as badly as it could.

Recommendation: So this is like a birthday present to myself. I’ve loved this epic for ages and frankly I think it’s even better than the canon ’cause spoiler alert, everybody lives. I love that Jayne and River start out as real friends and it only grows from there. I’ve always loved a good slow build, and this most assuredly fits the bill. What is also wonderful is how this growing relationship affects the rest of the crew who are in no way neglected. All around a perfect gift.

Link to Part 1 on FFN  |  Part 2  |  Part 3  |  Part 4  |  Part 5

Recommendation #1,811

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