Rec: Capture the Flag by Karee_the_wise

Flagshot Banner
Title: Capture the Flag
Author: Karee_the_wise
Canon: Suicide Squad
Pairing: Rick Flag/Floyd Lawton
Rating: Not Rated [PG]
Word Count: 8,105
Summary: Flag and his Black Ops team has been captured, and Waller calls on the Suicide Squad to get them back.

Recommendation: I can’t resist liking the play on words that is this title. And while this story hints at Flagshot it is more about the squad and the growing loyalty born of respect and affection amongst the members and towards Flag. The two sequels, Time-lapse and Wreak Havoc, further the Flagshot storyline but as yet do not resolve the underlying plot. I really hope the author does continue.

Link to the Story on AO3 | Link to the Second Part | And Third Part on AO3

Recommendation #1,822

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