Rec: Naiveté by Adenil

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Title: Naiveté
Author: Adenil
Canon: Star Trek VOY
Pairing: Harry Kim/Tom Paris
Rating: Teen [PG]
Word Count: 1,137
Summary: Tom was sure he’d seen a movie like this once. The experienced friend, sex-crazed and horny, manipulates his naïve friend into all sorts of wacky, subtextual situations. If it hadn’t been made into a movie, it needed to happen, and quickly.

Recommendation: I’ve been meaning to rec some stories with this pairing, but somehow I’ve not gotten around to it until now. I was always frustrated with Harry’s lack of development in the show and I think others were as well, I rather thought giving him a reason for things never working with women would have been a start. Tom’s growth could have been taken care of with a friendship that morphed into a romance, while B’Elanna would have been just fine as a character without their lackluster romance.

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #1,854

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