Rec: The Neither Here Nor There series by mordelle

Beetlebabes Recommendations
Title: The Neither Here Nor There series
Author: mordelle
Canon: Beetlejuice
Pairing: Lydia Deetz/Betelgeuse
Rating: Mature – Explicit [R – NC-17]
Word Count: 184,720
Summary: Sector Eight. This is where Lydia found herself, on the other side, soul suspended between life and death with no recourse to get out of her predicament. Suddenly, a face came to mind. She might have a way out, after all. Would a menacing poltergeist come to her rescue? Not without a price, certainly. *Post film w/ cartoon shoutouts. Part I/II*

Recommendation: This was EPIC! And it was marvelous. The first installment was a fun and sexy romp that was super fun, but you can not stop there. No really you can’t unless you content to have your heart broken. Proceed directly to installment number two and I promise that it will make things better. One of the biggest pluses for me in this story was all of the support characters, the Maitlands and Delia and a wonderful selection of characters repurposed from the cartoon and adjusted to fit a more grown up story. There is even a delightful child OC, and that is usually something I can’t stand but I found her to be pitch perfect. Finally, the relationship between Lydia and Betelgeuse is a roller coaster ride but in the very best way.

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #1,865

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