Rec: The For Family series by ilyena_sylph & Merfilly

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Title: The For Family series
Authors: ilyena_sylph & Merfilly
Canon: Star Wars – the Original Trilogy/The Clone Wars
Pairing: Ahsoka Tano/Captain Rex; Obi-Wan Kenobi/Commander Cody
Rating: General [G]
Word Count: 69,001
Summary: An exploration of what Darth Vader will do for the child of Padmé when he realizes she exists.

Recommendation: I’ve always rather wondered how things would have gone if it was Leia that Vader had realized his connection to first, and this is a marvelous take on that. Especially because it includes Ahsoka and how she and Vader go about repairing their relationship.

Link to the Story on AO3
{Only available for AO3 users}

Recommendation #1,937

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