Rec: Winds of Change by flowerfan

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Title: Winds of Change
Author: flowerfan
Canon: Captain America | MCU
Pairing: Steve Rogers/James ‘Bucky’ Barnes
Rating: Mature [R]
Word Count: 46,008
Summary: Bucky’s still got some healing to do after the doctors in Wakanda rouse him from sleep and make sure there are no more deadly triggers lurking in his brain. He decides it should happen where he can have some peace and quiet, as well as a little distance from Steve’s overwhelming presence. When he sees an ad for a “Winter Caretaker” he takes the job, but it turns out to be not so peaceful after all. Or, how Bucky realized that while he still needs to heal, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing for him and Steve to do it together.

Recommendation: So this is one of those stories where I wasn’t even sure I wanted to read it from the description so I start reading just to see if it was okay, and after staying up way too late I discovered I’d read the whole damn thing anyway. It was good and it dragged you along, and I really liked the whole Bucky and the cats thing. I did have a little trouble with the hand-wavy “the Avengers like each other again and run missions, but apparently don’t mention all their members (e.i. Vision, Wanda, Rhodey) or only make phone calls with them (i.e. Sam)”. But if I could get myself to just take the story as it is, it was a good read and Steve and Bucky getting a chance to decompress and reconnect is pretty awesome.

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #1,995

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