Rec: Content Warnings by manic_intent

Cablepool Banner
Title: Content Warnings
Author: manic_intent
Canon: Deadpool (Filmverse)
Pairing: Nathan Summers/Wade Wilson
Rating: Explicit [NC-17]
Word Count: 3,128
Summary: “What?” Cable had been on the couch hatewatching CNN. The apartment was even fully furnished. With nice furniture. Something was… off. “The landlady. I didn’t
expect to pass the interview. Especially since you insisted on tagging along.” “You failed the other interviews you went for.” “Yeah well, it’s funny how people either don’t trust me when I wear a mask or think I’m contagious when I don’t.” “You said you really liked this place. So I thought I’d help.” Cable kept glowering at the TV. “This is seriously what counts as a major news channel in your era? They’re just talking in circles about nothing.”

Recommendation: Wade Wilson is his own content warning. ;D But it’s seriously adorable that he gets to introduce Cable to chocolate.

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #2,077

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