Rec: I Hate That I Don’t Hate You by honeycombing

Geraskier Banner
Title: I Hate That I Don’t Hate You
Author: honeycombing
Canon: The Witcher
Pairing: Geralt of Rivia/Jaskier
Rating: Mature [R]
Word Count: 4,890
Summary: And as they enter what should have been an empty library, Geralt’s senses are immediately assaulted with the sound of a voice he recognizes all too well; one he didn’t think he’d ever hear again; one that brings a strange tightness to his chest. “Jaskier,” Ciri breathes, taking Geralt completely by surprise as she runs towards the bard. Or: With Ciri finally in Geralt’s care, they seek temporary refuge at Oxenfurt Academy while on the run from Nilfgaard’s soldiers – and promptly run into Jaskier. And Geralt is surprised to find out that his Child Surprise knows Jaskier very well.

Recommendation: Ack, I love the thought of Ciri and Jaskier knowing and loving each other. So cute. And apologies, we are here for them.

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #2,156

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