Rec: Johnny Lawrence and the Five Love Languages by narcissablaxk

Lawrusso Banner
Title: Johnny Lawrence and the Five Love Languages
Author: narcissablaxk
Canon: Cobra Kai
Pairing: Daniel Larusso/Johnny Lawrence
Rating: Teen [PG]
Word Count: 15,470
Summary: Johnny couldn’t explain how it had come to this. It was bad enough that he was sitting here, on the edge of the parking lot outside of Cobra Kai, staring down into a can of Coca Cola, with Miguel on the other side, looking at him furtively out of his
peripherals like Johnny couldn’t see him doing it. It was worse that they were currently discussing Johnny’s latest and possibly worst epiphany to date. “So you have a crush on your greatest rival, there have been tons of movies about that,” Miguel said bracingly, turning his gaze completely out to the parking lot. Or; Johnny tries to get Daniel’s attention through implementing the five love languages.

Recommendation: I love this so much! It is so cute! I love that Johnny ends up doing all of these things more by accident than calculation. I love that the kids are just so involved and taking bets. I love all the delicious build-up, just perfect.

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #2,421

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