Rec: Lifting Weights by Mizvoy

Jakotay Banner
Title: Lifting Weights
Author: Mizvoy
Canon: Star Trek VOY
Pairing: Kathryn Janeway/Chakotay
Rating: Teen [PG]
Word Count: 6,049
Summary: When the first reunion of Voyager’s return comes around, Chakotay doesn’t attend, making Kathryn Janeway very angry and leading to a dramatic, personal, and enlightening confrontation.

Recommendation: While I’d prefer the thought of the Maquis being accepted back with the rest of Voyager’s crew, this is an interesting take with them just being let go. You can’t blame Chakotay for being a bit sore about it too, though it is very on brand for Kathryn to come raging in a fit of pique. Chakotay lifting weights, yes please and thank you.

Link to the Story on FFN

Recommendation #2,448

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