Rec: Klingon Calisthenics by beepbeep4

Worfriker Banner
Title: Klingon Calisthenics
Author: beepbeep4
Canon: Star Trek TNG
Pairing: William Riker/Worf
Rating: Explicit [NC-17]
Word Count: 6,478
Summary: Worf knew that he wore his heart on his sleeve, that it didn’t take a genius to figure him out. He liked it that way. It kept people at a comfortable distance, made them avoid him, fear him. But where others flinched or tiptoed, Riker smiled and teased. Leaned in, not away.

Recommendation: Klingons prefer a little (a lot) of violence with their passion and thankfully Riker is there for it. 😉

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #2,490

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