Rec: Necro Courting | Furyan Courting by Casey_Wolfe

Viddick Banner
Title: Necro Courting | Furyan Courting
Author: Casey_Wolfe
Canon: The Chronicles of Riddick
Pairing: Richard B. Riddick/Vaako
Rating: Mature | Teen
Word Count: 5,031 | 3,813
Summary: Traditional Necro courting is a lengthy process, but Vaako hopes all the effort will be worth it if he can claim Riddick as a mate. | Riddick wants Vaako, Vaako is oblivious. What’s a Furyan to do?

Recommendation: So this recommendation include both Necro Courting and Furyan Courting as a compare and contrast. I have to admit that I preferred the Necro style but both are good *insert Road to El Dorado meme here*. You can decide for yourself though. ;D

Link to Necro Courting on AO3 | Link to Furyan Courting on AO3

Recommendation #2,513

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