Rec: Through All of the Shadowy Corners of Me by plinys

Gamula Banner
Title: Through All of the Shadowy Corners of Me
Author: plinys
Canon: Guardians of the Galaxy | MCU
Pairing: Gamora/Nebula
Rating: Mature [R]
Word Count: 10,491
Summary: The Milano, otherwise known as the best coffee shop in the galaxy, or the worst, depending on
who you’re asking. Owned by the one and only Peter Quill, current employees include a talking raccoon, because ladies love guys with pets (or that was his excuse when anybody asked), a living tree, the most literal barista in the world, and Gamora, former assassin and adoptive daughter of one of the galaxies biggest mob bosses (if the galaxy had mobs), not that she bothered to write any of that down on her application. Of course, peace can only last for so long before her past decides to catch up with her, this time in the form of Nebula. If their relationship status was complicated to begin with it seems to get more complicated the longer their both on planet.

Recommendation: The phrase “lesbian space coffee shop” pretty much covers this and when I saw it I was like “hell, damn, yah!” I mean, I love coffeeshop AUs set in “canon”. And feelings, fraught pseudo-sibling feelings with some personal growth. *sigh* The good stuff.

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #2,575

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