Rec: When I’m Set Alight by killproof

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Title: When I’m Set Alight
Author: killproof
Canon: Avatar the Last Airbender
Pairing: Zuko/Sokka
Rating: Teen [PG]
Word Count: 5,685
Summary: “I’m going to go practice some firebending forms,” Zuko says stiffly, running a hand through the tangles in his hair. “Tell Aang to join me if he wants to once he wakes up.” Gold eyes dart up to where Aang had strung up a makeshift hammock and was still sleeping soundly, snoring like a buffalo yak. “Alright,” Sokka says, watching as he walks out without another word, evidently having reverted back into his usual brooding self. “Have fun!” He calls after Zuko loudly, which he means to be sarcastic, but comes out painfully, embarrassingly sincere. His face burns, and as soon as Zuko passes out of sight into the the temple, Katara turns to him, leveling him with a Look. “You like him.” She says, and it’s not a question.

Recommendation: Can I express my elation that the AtLA renaissance has not lead to a new phase of the old ship war of Zutara vs Kataang but has instead given rise to Zukka. *sniff* I’m so proud. Make it gay, kids, make it gay.

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #2,724

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