Rec: Stranger Than You Could Imagine by Sixthlight

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Title: Stranger Than You Could Imagine
Author: Sixthlight
Podficcer: Rhea314
Canon: Rivers of London
Pairing: Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale
Rating: Mature [R]
Word Count: 6,389
Summary: If Thomas looked at Peter sometimes and saw a handsome young man – well, that was his business. The moment always passed, a strange sort of visual illusion that vanished when you tilted your head the other way. Except when it didn’t.

Recommendation: I got into this fandom in a strangely circuitous way. It started with me creating some podfic cover art while on vacation and me reading a couple of fics to get ideas but I stopped because I realized that I’d like to read the books which I didn’t get around to until this year. (I recommend the audiobooks, very good.) Once I’d gotten a firm hold on the canon, I dived back into the fanfiction. There is so much good stuff, this one being a prime example. I enjoy this interpretation of these two. I love Thomas voice in this story, but head right over to the sequel for Peter’s take as it is equally as good.

Link to the Story on AO3  |  Link to the Podfic on AO3

Recommendation #2,797

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