Pairing Profile: Hughfael

Hughfael Banner
Fandom: Cadfael Chronicles
Partners: Sheriff Hugh Beringar of Maesbury and Brother Cadfael ap Meilyr ap Dafydd
Pairing Name: Hughfael {assigned}

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Top Picks

  1. Honey Sweet and Henbane Sour by LMD18

Quick Facts

  • Hugh Beringar is played by Sean Pertwee
  • Cadfael is played by Derek Jacobi
  • Media Type: Books > TV Show (1994-1998)
  • Fandom Size: Tiny
  • Pairing Frequency: Common
  • Pairing Type: Allies/Rivals > Friends > Lovers
  • Canon: No
  • Number of Recs: 1 (as of June 3, 2022)
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