Rec: Human Resources by rallamajoop

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Title: Human Resources
Author: rallamajoop
Canon: What We Do in the Shadows
Pairing: Guillermo de la Cruz/Nandor
Rating: Explicit [NC-17]
Word Count: 8,650
Summary: “Owning a familiar is already a great deal more complicated than it once was,” says Nandor. “There are so many rules! I mean, you don’t even get to fuck them anymore because apparently that’s just not appropriate behaviour for the workplace or something. But we follow all the rules, because…” He trails off as a loud scuffling noise comes from the open doorway. Guillermo’s head pokes around the frame, one earbud hanging loose on its string. “Wait… what was that last bit?” Nandor sighs in exaggerated exasperation. “I was just telling the nice camera people all about how I’ve never fucked you, Guillermo! This cannot be news to you! Have you not noticed all the amazing restraint I have shown on your account? Have I ever fucked you? No! You’d remember if I had! My fucks are not forgettable!”

Recommendation: *cackles evilly* I do so love me some crack treated seriously, and you better believe that Guillermo can get stuff done if properly motivated (and by properly motivated, I mean, by that vampire D).

Link to the Story on AO3

Recommendation #2,982

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