About the Blogger

Hello, I’m Isabelle Disraeli. I am in my late thirties living with my spouse in the Southeastern United States. I identify as an asexual/biromantic and while I would like to do some posts about asexuality positivity, I’m primarily here to recommend fanfiction that I have enjoyed. The lion’s share will be slash fanfiction, but I will be including a selection of femslash and het stories as well.

About the Blog

In the spring of 2014 after months of thinking, daydreaming, and researching what I liked and disliked about existing fanfiction recommendation sites, I started my first blog on Tumblr.

It was always intended to be the kind of recommendations site that I never had quite been able to find; one contributor, multi-fandom, a variety of story lengths, popular and rare pairings, mostly complete stories, and a firm stance on positive endings. I do hope I have been successful on all of these points.

When I say “multi-fandom”, I really mean it. As of summer 2018, when I started moving my blog to WordPress, I had recommended stories from 100 some odd fandoms ranging from the widely popular MCU to obscure book fandoms only a handful of people had ever heard of and over 350 ships ranging from household names like Stucky and Johnlock to rare pairings featuring minor characters. I have also have been reading for a long time now and I get rather nostalgic about older fandoms that may or may not be dead or dying but I still love. I hope that there will be something for almost everyone.

In light of a few hiatuses both long and short, I feel that I can not truly promise that I will have a daily recommendation but I will be posting when there is something to post and that may well be on a daily basis. Because of my serious burnout in 2019, as of 2020 I will be a little less structured with my posting schedule with no holiday or special posts of a particular type in an effort to not burn out again.

What to Expect from My Blog

Complete StoriesI have recommended a few longer incomplete stories, but in the main, I will wait until a story is finished to recommend it to others.

SlashThe vast majority of the fanfiction that I will be recommending will include a pairing of two male characters in a romantic relationship.

Femslash – Back in January 2016 I started recommending stories with pairings between two female characters every Friday {Femslash Fridays}, but by October 2019 I stopped having “special” days and plan to just rec as I go. I only recommend stories with actual female characters and not genderbent male characters.

Het – Over the years, I have become tired of het fanfiction in the main, that is not to say that I don’t still hold some het pairings near and dear to my heart. With no desire to start a whole new blog to recommend stories with those few pairings, I started doing het recs on some Sundays but in October 2019 I stopped having “special” days and plan to just rec as I go.

Pairing NamesSometimes a pairing, or even a fandom, is too small for it to have a “pairing name” or some older fandom’s had pairing indicators like F/K or P/K that just doesn’t narrow it down in a multi-fandom setting. In those instances, I have simply assigned one that I think works.

Archived PDFsOne of the sad things about a recommendations site is that that site may often stay up longer than the works that it is recommending. In an effort to combat this, I have been saving a PDF copy of the stories that I recommend so that if a link is broken or a story is removed I will have a copy to share with interested fans.

Porn/SmutI’m asexual, but I am also sex-favorable so there will be a fair amount of stories either with explicit sexual scenes in them or stories that are wholly about sex. If this is not something that you are comfortable with I suggest going to the “Special Tags” page where you can use the “General” and “Teen” rating tags to search through stories without anything explicit.

Rare PairingsI cannot resist the siren call of rare pairings and minor characters being fleshed out. This also applies to small fandoms.

Happy EndingsI read fanfiction because I enjoy it. I read it to de-stress and relax and life is painful enough without reading sad endings just to feel sophisticated. If the ending isn’t happy, the saddest I’ll go is a ‘hopeful’ ending but that is rare.

What NOT to Expect

BDSMWhile I don’t think there is anything is wrong with it, it’s just not my bag.

Alpha/Beta/Omega DynamicsI tried to give this a fair shake, but I’ve got issues with this whole concept and even if a story is a subversion of the trope I’m just not game. If this is what you are looking for you will need to try someplace else.

MPregI’m not saying “never”, but it would be either an intersex or alien exception.

InfidelityDefinitely not between the main pairing of the story, but I’m even a little uncomfortable with it just being in the periphery. It might still come up, so I’d be aware of the story’s tags and make your own judgment call.

Rape/Non-ConNo, just no. There occasionally will be consent issues, usually to do with identity or magic or compromising substances {etc.}, but while the consent isn’t explicit it will be implicit in the text. Always read the tags, protect yourself.

Slave Fic Ah, that would be a Nope. Sure there may be a character that is in the canon enslaved in some historical context but that will never be treated as a desirable state of being. Playing at master/slave for sexytimes, HARD nope.

Gore/Excessive ViolenceI’m not saying there won’t be action, but I’m really not a fan of long graphically violent scenes or torture. Just no.

OT3s/Poly ShipsI cast no judgment on people who ship this way, nor indeed anyone who is this way. But for myself, I am a pair-bonder at heart. I always have been, even when I was little all of my dolls and stuffed animals had a “buddy”. It is just how I’m wired and how I select my stories. That is not to say that it won’t be featured outside of the main pairing.

Real Person Fiction (RPF)I’m sorry, but I am deeply uncomfortable with RPF. But Isabelle, you say, you ship in Band of Brothers, Generation Kill, and The Social Network and they’re all based on real people! Ah, but all of those are actor’s portrayals of screenplays, based on books by authors, as seen through the lens of a director’s vision so it all feels sufficiently removed. It leaves me in the strange position of being okay with Wincest, but J2 is a bridge too far. So that is a no to Bandom or Actor RPs.

Gen FicIt feels weird to add this disclaimer, but I just don’t read gen fic. Some of the stories I do read might be low-key on the romance side of things but there are no stories that do not have a central pairing.

Happy Reading!