Rec: The Demon Who Hunted Demons by Serpentsign

Supernatural- Crobby BannerTitle: The Demon Who Hunted Demons
Author: Serpentsign
Canon: Supernatural
Pairing: Bobby Singer/Crowley
Rating: Not Rated [PG]
Word Count: 4,463
Summary: Bobby and the Winchesters run into a demon named Crowley on a hunt. Crowley is hurt, alone and he’s running out of time – on the run from demons he has no choice but to hunt or be hunted.

Recommendation: Bobby’s just a nice guy. A cantankerous, and ‘suffers no fools’ nice guy. Crowley is as advertised. Mostly.


Recommendation #301

Rec: Out of Options by Jade_Dragoness

Milestone Post BannerSupernatural- Crobby BannerTitle: Out of Options
Author: Jade_Dragoness
Canon: Supernatural
Pairing: Bobby Singer/Crowley
Rating: Mature [R]
Word Count: 3,695
Summary: Bobby’s been in Hell for three months when Crowley appears in his cell.

Recommendation: Well when you’ve already sold your soul, what else is there on the bargaining table? Crowley’s got some ideas.


Recommendation #300

Rec: If That’s Your Thing by thimbleoflight

Supernatural- Crobby BannerTitle: If That’s Your Thing
Author: thimbleoflight
Canon: Supernatural
Pairing: Bobby Singer/Crowley
Rating: Teen [PG]
Word Count: 2,182
Summary: Crowley keeps turning up. Bobby is confused and pissed off and actually kind of grateful sometimes, except for when he finds out why. AU, Weekend at Bobby’s doesn’t go quite the way that it originally did.

Recommendation: What do you do when a demon has a crush on you? Is it Crowley, well then go to dinner.


Recommendation #298