Rec: The Night Gone Black by lunabee34

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Title: The Night Gone Black
Author: lunabee34
Canon: Thor/MCU
Pairing: Jane Foster/Darcy Lewis
Rating: Explicit [NC-17]
Word Count: 2,812
Summary: Darcy is slapping Jane’s hand away from the basket of king crab legs when almost everyone else in the restaurant disintegrates. Ashes swirl through the air and Read More »


Rec: Darcy Lewis’s Guide to Lists by Amy

Femslash Friday BannerMCU Thor- Janedarcy BannerTitle: Darcy Lewis’s Guide to Lists
Author: Amy
Canon: Thor/MCU
Pairing: Jane Foster/Darcy Lewis
Rating: Teen [PG]
Word Count: 2,693
Summary: Darcy’s list of famous people she’d like to fuck was actual attractive famous people. Jane’s list was scientists who Jane thought were brilliant who Darcy had never even heard of. Essentially, Darcy figured, they were more like people whose brains Jane wanted to eat, but to be polite she’d be willing to fuck them first. Darcy made a mental note to read up on science because apparently, it turned her girlfriend on.

Recommendation: It grieves me that these two as a pairing is not more popular because they are just as great as any BFF-ship I’ve ever come across. (Oh my God, I’ve had this conversation and I totally reacted like Jane, we ended up not making lists because it upset me so much. Later I came to identify as demisexual so it made sense that just the idea of having sex with strangers who just look attractive fills me with an unholy dread.)


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