Rec: Say Yarp to the Dress by Aja

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Title: Say Yarp to the Dress
Author: Aja
Podficcer: Rhea314
Canon: Hot Fuzz
Pairing: Nicholas Angel/Danny Butterman
Rating: Teen [PG]
Word Count: 2,075
Summary: Local bobby gives thumbs up to gay marriage! Or: two blokes and a fuckload of cutlery (and other wedding registry silverware)
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Rec: You Could Be My Unintended by paperclipbitch

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Title: You Could Be My Unintended
Author: paperclipbitch
Podficcer: knight_tracer
Canon: The Defenders/MCU
Pairing: Colleen Wing/Mercedes ‘Misty’ Knight
Rating: Not Rated [G]
Word Count: 2,007
Summary: Colleen surprises herself by drifting back to the hospital.
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Rec: That Spin I’m In by poisonivory & Werelibrarian

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Title: That Spin I’m In
Authors: poisonivory & Werelibrarian
Podficcer: Jadesfire
Canon: Daredevil/MCU
Pairing: Matt Murdock/Franklin ‘Foggy’ Nelson
Rating: Teen [PG]
Word Count: 8,871
Summary: “What does that mean?” Matt asks Strange. “Well, that depends,” Strange says, unfolding his legs and letting his feet touch the floor again. Matt gets the distinct
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